Electric Boiler Full Electric

Product Information

  • It is produced in 9kw, 12kw, 18kw, 24kw, 30kw and 36kw capacities.
  • It meets the need for heating and hot water, the system automatically switches to hot water usage mode as soon as the tap is opened by means of the electronic valve and flow sensor inside the boiler.
  • The domestic water temperature is between 40-90 degrees, allowing the user to set the temperature they need.
  • Summer, winter position is determined by selecting on the digital card.
  • It provides aesthetic appearance with its stylish digital panel appearance and minimised dimensions.
  • Time and degree adjustment can be made easily with its digital control, electronic system.
  • The electronic timer is capable of making four separate programmes for seven days and one day.
  • There are many safety precautions on the device. There is a residual current relay on the device.
  • There is a long-lasting resistance system prepared using a special seamless pipe.
  • Special fireproof silicone cable is used inside the device.
  • Heaters are activated gradually and quickly with a full electronic system, so that sudden movements do not occur in your voltages and heating is provided in a very short time.
  • The device works silently.
  • Suitable for all types of heating installations.It can be easily installed instead of your old device without requiring a special installation in the heating system.
  • With 3 bar safety valve, there is a protection system against high pressure.
  • There is an automatic air purifier.
  • Water level can be monitored with a monometer.
  • There is a 3-stage circulation pump.
  • It has the feature of running every 24 hours to prevent pump jamming.
  • It has a 1 bar adjustable protection system against dehydration.
  • Temperature change is reflected on the screen with sensitive temperature sensor.
  • Safety precautions against overheating are taken with safety thermostat.
  • There is a widespread service network throughout Turkey and a 2-year warranty.
  • 10 years spare parts availability guarantee.
  • Ce certificate is available.
  • If the devices will be used in underfloor heating systems, information must be given at the time of order.
  • In fully electronic systems, the underfloor heating system can only be used with mixer valves. Please consult your installer. Compatible with RF system (radio frequency)
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